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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

<3 Christmas Break.

Hello all!! 
I've been terribly busy with school and such so I haven't been able to keep up with the blog BUT I do have some fun things to share with you for now. I can't tell you just how excited I am about being home for Christmas! My mom and I have been busy at work already - though she's getting paid for her work. :o) I have truly enjoyed being with her though and already learning so much. I'll be putting up many completed projects in the next few weeks, but here are a few things for now:

*This is a mini scrapbook album I learned how to make in my Elsie class. It's made out of recyclable office materials and Starbucks coffee cup holders. Enjoy!! 

*I made scarves for each of my roommates (4 other girls) for Christmas this year - including Laura (she's one of my closest friends). Well, I embroidered them by hand... I didn't make the scarf. I had so much fun making them and fitting the colors with all of their personalities! 

This is the one I made for my roommate, Courtney. Hopefully it will help keep her warm in Oregon...