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Thursday, March 25, 2010

SURPRISES!! and the past two months.

Soooo I don't want to ruin any surprises for my bridesmaids... but I have something SOOOO STINKIN' SPECIAL to give to them at the bridal luncheon.

Hint: It was the basis of the first conversations with two of the girls in the bridal party and re-created a super strong bond between my matron of honor and me... No worries. I'm not giving God as a gift even though He was the basis of the conversations between and the majority of the bridal party and myself!! :)

THANK YOU to... well, you know who you are! You're so fantastic! Your gift will be a huge blessing to the ones receiving it!


Other News: Wedding plans are fabulous! Only 65 more days till I get to marry my soulmate! :) Our excitement is uncontainable!! We commend my mom on the beautiful job she's done. She hasn't stopped!! I can't wait to share everything with you all after the big day!


Also, I just realized I didn't post anything that happened in February or mostly March... so here we go:

I turned 22. The night before, my roommates, Laura Oliver and JD backed an awesome brownie cake and put 22 candles in it for me to blow out!

Then we had a SNOW day!!

[I love the picture below!]

Valentine's Day. Yep! Super romantic. We had a thai recipe complete with chicken and rice... and we ate it off of the ironing board in my room with the pretty flower lights hanging off my art shelves. :)

JD turned 25. I tried to plan a surprise party for him... but it wasn't much of a surprise because I ruined it. Oh well. It was much easier baking the cupcakes and the GIANT cupcake (I was inspired by Meredith Cook) which my roommate Jen bought for me (the pan, that is) for my birthday! I also made these Oreo truffles which were AMAZING! Everyone loved them at the party! AND it gave JD and me some time to spend together baking. :) JD had a few friends come from out of town and then I invited his closest friends from Auburn.

[We played Apples to Apples. This was JD's team below. The guy on the left was actually the that somewhat "introduced" JD and me.]

[And most of the people who came to the party. A couple had left early.]

March has also been a pretty crazy time for us. JD was mugged but my roommates and I came to his rescue - ALL because of his wisdom in calling us before leaving his apartment. We were there within 4 minutes of the attack beginning. No worries. JD handled himself very well. No weapons that we know of, only three big guys standing outside of his apartment that just wanted some cash.

Spring Break began at the beach with JD and mom - finishing up some great wedding things - and then concluded with a trip to Huntsville to search for a home!


And April? Well, as JD puts it, April showers bring May flowers. :) Can't wait to see all of my friends and family at the bridal showers! I know they'll be amazing!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Days of Abounding Blessings

Yesterday I walked into reinvent, store owned by Jessica (the co-owner of Mammoth). While I was in there, my friend Alex Dykes walks up to me while I'm looking at the beautiful coasters you see below and says, "Hey, isn't your birthday Friday? I want to buy these for you as an early bday present!" I insisted no but his insistent non-agreement won. So he bought me those beautiful coasters so JD and I will have a pretty setting to put our drinks on in our new home! Oh, and the bird... well, I just thought it was so pretty! I couldn't resist not getting it for myself! Haha!

But that's not all!! Today, I had an early morning taking back lingerie to Victoria's Secret [side note: NEVER order anything from online unless you are 100% sure it will fit!! They won't take it back in stores.]. The employees were 15 minutes late opening the doors but I was so blessed waiting outside for those 15 minutes. I met a woman named Jeana [not sure of the correct spelling] while waiting and told her the story about the lingerie - how it was a Christmas present from my mom but too small. "I need all the lingerie I can have because I'm getting married in May and this is all I have so far! I really hope they'll take it back!" So then I shared with her our plans for missions and our super short story... that we're actually getting married exactly a year from our first date. [First non-date date I suppose... but still. It was May 29th all the same.] I told her how I only dated a guy for three weeks and if I didn't know he was the one, then I'd let him go and keep waiting.

She said she hopes her daughter has the same love story as I've had. Gosh, I wish that for every woman!! It's been a beautiful journey thus far and I know it's only going to get better! Anyways, the doors finally open and she lets me in line first. The lady at the counter stopped me right as I said "online" and told me she couldn't take it back. Mrs. Jeana asked if she could look at it, asked me how much it was and said, "Gosh, there's a girl at my church getting married in May. I wish I knew what size she wore. I would give this to her and buy you a whole new lingerie set!" This time my insisting won and I told her thank you but I can probably just exchange it online. Regardless, she completely blessed my morning. Who does that anymore? People with the most precious and generous hearts. That's who. I am so thankful for people like her that God smacks us into just so He has the opportunity to brighten our days through His children.

So I ask you, world of bloggers - how have you been blessed today? I'd love to hear your stories too!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marketing Mayhem at Mammoth

My internship at Mammoth officially starts tomorrow. Yesterday I went in to check things out and meet the rest of the team. Everyone was so great! They're all trying to come up with a new name for me because there are now two Whitney's and that's just not good. Since Adam(s) isn't exactly a good nickname for a girl, the team came up with either the Defender or Marketing Mayhem (Mayhem for short). Which would you vote for?

As a public relations major, I should be doing PR work but as much as the PR world is trying to fight it, PR and marketing are slowly merging into one. It's good for me because that means I get to do design work rather than just simply trying to sustain healthy relationships among all of the publics for the company. It also means I get to make cool things like this brochure like we did for my class last semester:

We were in groups of four and this is the brochure we created. I think it's pretty rad for PR majors who have very little idea of how to work with Adobe InDesign. We learned how to do some of it in class but most of it by online tutorials. It was so much fun! Oh, and Mammoth PrintShop is a company in Auburn that designs t-shirts by screen-printing. Check out their Web site here: Mammoth PrintShop

The main goal of my internship is to get more involved in the community and hopefully to gain more local clientele through the process. Most of their work is done nationwide especially along the West coast. I'll try to update you on what I do for the semester! If you need any shirts made for an event, Mammoth is fantastic so don't hesitate! I'm hoping to do something special for my bridesmaid's gifts from here... it's a secret since I know two of them read this blog.

You can now follow Mammoth on Twitter at: MammothRocks