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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Days of Abounding Blessings

Yesterday I walked into reinvent, store owned by Jessica (the co-owner of Mammoth). While I was in there, my friend Alex Dykes walks up to me while I'm looking at the beautiful coasters you see below and says, "Hey, isn't your birthday Friday? I want to buy these for you as an early bday present!" I insisted no but his insistent non-agreement won. So he bought me those beautiful coasters so JD and I will have a pretty setting to put our drinks on in our new home! Oh, and the bird... well, I just thought it was so pretty! I couldn't resist not getting it for myself! Haha!

But that's not all!! Today, I had an early morning taking back lingerie to Victoria's Secret [side note: NEVER order anything from online unless you are 100% sure it will fit!! They won't take it back in stores.]. The employees were 15 minutes late opening the doors but I was so blessed waiting outside for those 15 minutes. I met a woman named Jeana [not sure of the correct spelling] while waiting and told her the story about the lingerie - how it was a Christmas present from my mom but too small. "I need all the lingerie I can have because I'm getting married in May and this is all I have so far! I really hope they'll take it back!" So then I shared with her our plans for missions and our super short story... that we're actually getting married exactly a year from our first date. [First non-date date I suppose... but still. It was May 29th all the same.] I told her how I only dated a guy for three weeks and if I didn't know he was the one, then I'd let him go and keep waiting.

She said she hopes her daughter has the same love story as I've had. Gosh, I wish that for every woman!! It's been a beautiful journey thus far and I know it's only going to get better! Anyways, the doors finally open and she lets me in line first. The lady at the counter stopped me right as I said "online" and told me she couldn't take it back. Mrs. Jeana asked if she could look at it, asked me how much it was and said, "Gosh, there's a girl at my church getting married in May. I wish I knew what size she wore. I would give this to her and buy you a whole new lingerie set!" This time my insisting won and I told her thank you but I can probably just exchange it online. Regardless, she completely blessed my morning. Who does that anymore? People with the most precious and generous hearts. That's who. I am so thankful for people like her that God smacks us into just so He has the opportunity to brighten our days through His children.

So I ask you, world of bloggers - how have you been blessed today? I'd love to hear your stories too!


ShannonD said...

So, this post made me smile a lot. And so do you :o) Thank you for sharing!!!

annrkey said...

You are such a blessing to me Whitney!! I am so thankful that I "met" you and your sweet mama at Carmichael's on the very day you were picking out china and wedding "goodies." And how ironic is it that my sweet hubby and I dated such a short time before we got engaged just like you and JD and guess when our anniversary is? May 29!!! I truly enjoy reading your posts on FB and your blog!! You are a doll and I wish you all the happiness in the world!! Ann