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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marketing Mayhem at Mammoth

My internship at Mammoth officially starts tomorrow. Yesterday I went in to check things out and meet the rest of the team. Everyone was so great! They're all trying to come up with a new name for me because there are now two Whitney's and that's just not good. Since Adam(s) isn't exactly a good nickname for a girl, the team came up with either the Defender or Marketing Mayhem (Mayhem for short). Which would you vote for?

As a public relations major, I should be doing PR work but as much as the PR world is trying to fight it, PR and marketing are slowly merging into one. It's good for me because that means I get to do design work rather than just simply trying to sustain healthy relationships among all of the publics for the company. It also means I get to make cool things like this brochure like we did for my class last semester:

We were in groups of four and this is the brochure we created. I think it's pretty rad for PR majors who have very little idea of how to work with Adobe InDesign. We learned how to do some of it in class but most of it by online tutorials. It was so much fun! Oh, and Mammoth PrintShop is a company in Auburn that designs t-shirts by screen-printing. Check out their Web site here: Mammoth PrintShop

The main goal of my internship is to get more involved in the community and hopefully to gain more local clientele through the process. Most of their work is done nationwide especially along the West coast. I'll try to update you on what I do for the semester! If you need any shirts made for an event, Mammoth is fantastic so don't hesitate! I'm hoping to do something special for my bridesmaid's gifts from here... it's a secret since I know two of them read this blog.

You can now follow Mammoth on Twitter at: MammothRocks


The Charm House said...

Proud of you Mayhem!

Reid Adams said...

I am so proud of you! You are absolutely amazing!!!

Whitney said...

Yall are the best parents EVER! Thanks so much for supporting me! I love yall!!! :)