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Friday, November 30, 2007

Way to Promote Abstinence, Auburn.

"FREE CONDOMS!!" some girl shouted from the stairs leading up to the Haley Center waving condoms back and forth. Guys immediately flock to her. She was handing them out to promote HIV prevention but only mentioned that once out of the twenty times she shouted the phrase 'free condoms'. Really, Auburn? I was so disappointed to see guys so anxious to grab them as I entered the doors to my classroom.

"Hey man, did you get any free condoms??"

He pauses. I wanted to turn around and tell this guy how proud I was of him for not being engulfed by the world, for not being just a regular guy... but in more simple words. Then...

"I mean, I think I'm just going to buy some good quality ones later on tonight."

Wow. Priceless. My heart shatters for those who only live for pleasure; those who live to get satisfaction from others, their king, their idol. It shatters when guys feel they have to place their pride in whether or not they have sex with a girl on a Friday night.

Life is good. I'm sure sex is good. It's a gift from God - there's nothing better! It is meant to be good and enjoyed when we're with the one we are to be with for life. Until then, we are to use that energy... weird, I know... to serve him in a pure way that is pleasing to Him.

I'm out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Sweet

Life is good and the Lord's love is so gracious and more than abundant. Thanksgiving week was amazing. I loved it! My brother and I rocked it out when giving a kayak tour and my dad and I rode at least 25 miles on our bikes.
It was such a blessing to spend time with my mom, just talking and shopping. Santa came in on a shrimp boat - that was pretty exciting.

I would like to say I spent some amazing time with just the Lord and myself but I was being so selfish with my time - just wanting to chill. I missed Auburn though. I missed the people. Most of all, I missed connection. Connection is crucial in our walk with Christ. Not only is it crucial with the Lord, obviously, but it is so important with people. I missed just sitting and talking, to truly listen to the stories of people's lives. I started thinking about how many times I tell people, "Yeah girl, I'm praying for you!" What did I pray for the girl about? Her name. I couldn't pray for her burdens, her heart, because I never took the time to listen. Throughout the week, I focused on learning how to listen - given, I didn't have very many people to listen to, with just Chase and my parents - but I was praying that the opportunity would be open for me to truly listen and not spill my problems out on others as much as I do. The night I got back to school, my friend, Kris, and I went to grab a quick dinner. She talked the whole time (so unlike her - she's a listener) and I just took it in. She completely spilled her heart out, her concerns, her thoughts, everything. It was so beautiful. More importantly, it was beautiful to see the Lord work. I did nothing but listen and it was so good for the both of us.