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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Sweet

Life is good and the Lord's love is so gracious and more than abundant. Thanksgiving week was amazing. I loved it! My brother and I rocked it out when giving a kayak tour and my dad and I rode at least 25 miles on our bikes.
It was such a blessing to spend time with my mom, just talking and shopping. Santa came in on a shrimp boat - that was pretty exciting.

I would like to say I spent some amazing time with just the Lord and myself but I was being so selfish with my time - just wanting to chill. I missed Auburn though. I missed the people. Most of all, I missed connection. Connection is crucial in our walk with Christ. Not only is it crucial with the Lord, obviously, but it is so important with people. I missed just sitting and talking, to truly listen to the stories of people's lives. I started thinking about how many times I tell people, "Yeah girl, I'm praying for you!" What did I pray for the girl about? Her name. I couldn't pray for her burdens, her heart, because I never took the time to listen. Throughout the week, I focused on learning how to listen - given, I didn't have very many people to listen to, with just Chase and my parents - but I was praying that the opportunity would be open for me to truly listen and not spill my problems out on others as much as I do. The night I got back to school, my friend, Kris, and I went to grab a quick dinner. She talked the whole time (so unlike her - she's a listener) and I just took it in. She completely spilled her heart out, her concerns, her thoughts, everything. It was so beautiful. More importantly, it was beautiful to see the Lord work. I did nothing but listen and it was so good for the both of us.

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