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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unrealistic Dreams.

Kind of an oxymoron, huh? Aren't the purpose of dreams to think of the unrealistic... something you think could never happen unless there was an intervention of One greater than yourself? Well, I had a teacher shoot down my dream/goals for after I graduate. For those of you that don't know, my mom and I are planning to own an art store.... 1/3 art gallery, 1/3 art workroom - playroom - place where we can have great artists come in and teach classes, and 1/3 coffee shop. My teacher pretty much said it was unrealistic. She gave me all of the possibilities in which it would fail as well as suggested to me all of the issues we would face as owners... we would have to be accountants, managers, trainers, secretaries, and janitors all in one. 

All I can say is, I've dreamed of nothing less than the impossible because I know that our God has greater power than I do. He can take care of the parking issues and the money that we will need to start it and the people who will enter into a shop that glorifies Him. I also know that the moment we stop using the store as a vessel to proclaim His name, He could take it away with a snap of His huge hand. He won't allow the economy to keep people from a time of leisure and relaxation. We want this to be a home for community, a place of comfort where artists can release the stress of life and leave their worries or proclaim their praises on a canvas. I'm excited to see what will come out of it... and even though it broke my heart that one of my favorite teachers this semester said, it encouraged me to start now. I'm not exactly sure where to start or how to start... I just know that I need to start. I'm thankful for her. She has only pushed me to prove that He is able; and with Him, I am able as well. 

It's been really difficult being in this major (Public Relations). The more I delve further into the core of it, I realize that no matter what, I will always be dealing with PR. Everyone will if you encounter 'the public'. I highly doubt I will be acting in the role of crisis management or anything of the sort. It would be cool to do something with PR and I admire those who do. However, it seems like a nasty world of who's who and networking... but not much in a genuine sense. That bothers me. One of the reasons I hate going to football games is because I feel like I'm wasting 7 hours of my life (with tailgating and getting dressed up and such) when I can be doing something productive... like creating something for someone or inspiring someone. Not so I can get recognition or move up higher in rankings... but because I sincerely care about people and want them to see just how special and precious they are. I feel useless when I'm not helping others. If any of you know a job in PR where I can make a living by helping others through inspiration, creation, and art - please let me know. One and half years to go before graduation. And I have no clue as to what I will do. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Journal & Playlists

*For the Elsie class, she encouraged us to get a journal. I love sharing these pages with you... however I left out quite a few pages - because it's a journal, of course. I share these in hopes that you may be inspired. The first two pages consist of dialogue between a sister (in my sorority) and myself during a beauty pageant we had to attend. I don't understand the concept of beauty pageants... but that's for another day. It was a funny night though. 
*Elsie also encouraged us to define magical. These are my definitions. You can see that the left-hand page is covered up. Not to block out anything but I had messed up on a page, ripped it out and then left the page that was bound on the other side.... so it was falling out. I made do and created a little flap to hold the part of the binding together. The flap says "Armstrong Browning Library" and the quote it's covering is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I also have "Disney World" written on there.

*Jack's Mannequin
*My Biggest Fears
*My brother and I were talking about what we wanted to do in life. I would love to enter into the career of public relations... however, more than ANYTHING, I just want to be an artist and play all day in a studio... and make things for people that make them happy and enjoy the little things in life. He wants to do the same. Maybe not so much the artist route, but still the same idea. Therefore, we call each other "renaissance babies". 
*The last pages are a filled with a quote out of a book I'm reading called "Georgia On Her Mind". I feel like this quote defines my life... MANY nights of my life - which isn't bad. In reality, it's better to kiss hundreds of coffee cups than hundreds of guys, right?

*Finally, this is my specialty. Call me old school. I'm a junior in college and still LOVE making mixed CD's for people. If I knew my friends still had tape players, I would make them mixed tapes instead. So these are for my friend, Alex. He made me a mixed CD and although it was AWESOME, he's still only qualified as the 2nd best in my book. I made a third playlist but it didn't scan correctly. It was the coolest one too. Oh well. Enjoy! Oh - and thanks to Elsie for the inspiration for some of the doodles! 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is the wonderful care package my parents sent me!! : ) I haven't been able to take a break from all of the goodies... including the sweets.

After I opened the care package....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elsie Class

So I started taking this class by one of my favorite artists, Elsie. She's awesome and has given me MUCHO inspiration! I wanted to share with you the new projects I've been working on. I have some other stuff to scan in that I will be putting up maybe later tonight or tomorrow. 

*Stitching Broaches. I am SOOO excited about this project! It has really gotten me into sewing and such. I've really enjoyed working with fabric and painting my own little ideas. The pictures were drawn by Elsie but I painted the coffee cups. : ) I gave the tree and piece of candy to my best friend, Laura, and I gave the coffee cups to a couple of my co-workers at Cambridge.


*Self-Portraits: I felt really vain taking these pictures at first... but then, I just had such a great time dressing up and posing, I just couldn't stop! It's so much fun! Elsie encouraged us to take pictures in things we would never wear in public and do some painting too. Here we go!
^These were taken before my Halloween social. I was an Indian Princess. My friend, John, made my dress but I did the feathers and war paint (inspired by Elsie).
^I loved these. I wore blue feathers and bright red lipstick and took pictures against my lime green wall in the bathroom. But when I took them in black and white or sepia, it looks like I'm in the 1920s with big feathers! I played A LOT with these. Sorry there are so many pictures... 



*My mom sent me an AWESOME care package in the mail of art supplies (which I'll be putting pics up later from that) and put this beautiful, fake red flower on top of the box. Who knew I would be able to use it like this??