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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elsie Class

So I started taking this class by one of my favorite artists, Elsie. She's awesome and has given me MUCHO inspiration! I wanted to share with you the new projects I've been working on. I have some other stuff to scan in that I will be putting up maybe later tonight or tomorrow. 

*Stitching Broaches. I am SOOO excited about this project! It has really gotten me into sewing and such. I've really enjoyed working with fabric and painting my own little ideas. The pictures were drawn by Elsie but I painted the coffee cups. : ) I gave the tree and piece of candy to my best friend, Laura, and I gave the coffee cups to a couple of my co-workers at Cambridge.


*Self-Portraits: I felt really vain taking these pictures at first... but then, I just had such a great time dressing up and posing, I just couldn't stop! It's so much fun! Elsie encouraged us to take pictures in things we would never wear in public and do some painting too. Here we go!
^These were taken before my Halloween social. I was an Indian Princess. My friend, John, made my dress but I did the feathers and war paint (inspired by Elsie).
^I loved these. I wore blue feathers and bright red lipstick and took pictures against my lime green wall in the bathroom. But when I took them in black and white or sepia, it looks like I'm in the 1920s with big feathers! I played A LOT with these. Sorry there are so many pictures... 



*My mom sent me an AWESOME care package in the mail of art supplies (which I'll be putting pics up later from that) and put this beautiful, fake red flower on top of the box. Who knew I would be able to use it like this??

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The Charm House said...

Wonderful, Beautiful.... Where is my broach???? I want a coffee cup one!!