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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Journal & Playlists

*For the Elsie class, she encouraged us to get a journal. I love sharing these pages with you... however I left out quite a few pages - because it's a journal, of course. I share these in hopes that you may be inspired. The first two pages consist of dialogue between a sister (in my sorority) and myself during a beauty pageant we had to attend. I don't understand the concept of beauty pageants... but that's for another day. It was a funny night though. 
*Elsie also encouraged us to define magical. These are my definitions. You can see that the left-hand page is covered up. Not to block out anything but I had messed up on a page, ripped it out and then left the page that was bound on the other side.... so it was falling out. I made do and created a little flap to hold the part of the binding together. The flap says "Armstrong Browning Library" and the quote it's covering is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I also have "Disney World" written on there.

*Jack's Mannequin
*My Biggest Fears
*My brother and I were talking about what we wanted to do in life. I would love to enter into the career of public relations... however, more than ANYTHING, I just want to be an artist and play all day in a studio... and make things for people that make them happy and enjoy the little things in life. He wants to do the same. Maybe not so much the artist route, but still the same idea. Therefore, we call each other "renaissance babies". 
*The last pages are a filled with a quote out of a book I'm reading called "Georgia On Her Mind". I feel like this quote defines my life... MANY nights of my life - which isn't bad. In reality, it's better to kiss hundreds of coffee cups than hundreds of guys, right?

*Finally, this is my specialty. Call me old school. I'm a junior in college and still LOVE making mixed CD's for people. If I knew my friends still had tape players, I would make them mixed tapes instead. So these are for my friend, Alex. He made me a mixed CD and although it was AWESOME, he's still only qualified as the 2nd best in my book. I made a third playlist but it didn't scan correctly. It was the coolest one too. Oh well. Enjoy! Oh - and thanks to Elsie for the inspiration for some of the doodles! 

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I love it when you doodle.... you little doodle bug!