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Sunday, January 18, 2009

These are some journal entries I've been playing with. Sometimes I go days without writing/drawing. Other times I can just play all day in it sporadically and do about 6 entries. No limitations. 

This is one of mine and Chase's favorite songs. Whenever we would drive long distances this past summer, we'd always crank it up and sing it in the car. It's a little hardcore but it has beautiful lyrics. Our favorite part is the "ooooooh oooh oh - can't find any way out." We harmonize. Or attempt to at least. My favorite part is "I wish I could live where the sea meets the land. The ocean and I would be the best of friends." It just fits me. 

I did this one a couple of months ago. I can't explain to you what happened behind it but I can just say from experience: 
(1) Those whom you care about the most are the ones who know how to cut the deepest.
(2) Pain can bring out the best art in people. Though there was a lot of pain within this page, it's one of my favorite drawings. It truly came from the soul. 
If you've been keeping up with the blog, you've read enough to know that I've had a few pretty rough months behind me - emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I just go to the point where I decided that I wouldn't let it get any worse. Compared to the rest of the world's problems, I have an extraordinary life - and I realize that. Without that comparison, I've been blessed and realize that I still have an extraordinary life. However, life is really tough to push through when you're dealing with doubt and broken relationships. They weigh you down like icy 10 ton blocks just hanging out on your shoulders. You get to a point where you think, "Wow. It can only go up from here." Obviously, I didn't scan in the rest of the pages because it talks about everything that only my mom and best friends know... but things are getting better. I just know it. I'm finding myself and realizing my passions. I'm finding my strength in Him. Even when I have the world pushing me to doubt and no understanding. I'm being forced to push the world away and seek faith in Him and in Him alone. It's a beautiful thing in the end, but in the midst of it - it stinks. 

My notes (revised / I didn't doodle during church - no worries) of an incredible message from church (at auburn) in December. 
I tried sushi with the guy who is teaching me how to play the guitar. Mmmm! 
So this one is pretty lame and shallow which is why I saved it for last. Don't judge me. :o) Sometimes, you need to write down the things that happen throughout the day that make you feel good about yourself. Or even the things that hurts you. Whatever it is, let it out on the blank pages. 

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The Charm House said...

I'm glad that you have never been scared of the white page....