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Thursday, October 1, 2009

this was our trip to orlando...

As I said in the last post, we wanted to make sure we met each other's closest friends and family members before we completely decided - yes. this is it. So I drove down to Mobile to meet his sister and parents (who are phenomenal and I can't wait to be a part of their family), as well as his best friend Chris Colvin. For my closest friends who are reading this now - i.e. Katelyn Bridges - don't feel left out. I still consider you, Lauren Cook and Emmy as my best friends so don't be sad that none of yall got to meet him before we made this decision. haha! So then we drove from Mobile to Orlando to meet his other great friend Trey and his wife Kristen who work for Disney. We also went to my 1st cousin's, 1st cousin's (I know, confusing) house to have dinner one night. This girl - Nicole - is pretty much my soul sister. We didn't meet until this past December but were pretty much best friends instantly. :)

So we went to the Larson's home the second night we were in Orlando - and Nicole fixed us a divine, home-cooked dinner! She made red velvet chocolate cupcakes... so delicious!


I think I failed to mention already that this was JD's FIRST trip to Disney World - can you believe it!? It was so magical! Plus he got a "1st Visit" pin... can it get any better?? We went to Universal Studios and rode the Tower of Terror, then Epcot (so Chris could see Canada - the place it rained for an hour and a half) and finally to the Magic Kingdom.




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RR Mama said...

According to your mom, and the pictures, Congrats are in order!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Remember to take lots of pictures as they will become precious memories. Can't wait for all planning details.