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Monday, May 26, 2008

And It Happens...

So connection was my goal for the summer... and it's definitely being accomplished! I wanted to build sincere relationships with people - I wanted to hear people's stories and let them be told!

Today, I went to the beach to take some photographs. During my walk, I met a man named Mark. I was wearing shorts with Auburn written on the front and he asked me if I was a student. After I said yes, he quickly greeted me again with a "WAR EAGLE!" Mark graduated from Aubu
rn in '81 with a major in Graphic Design. During that time, Auburn was the only school in the nation that the students in sketch classes had to draw nude models... with bathing suits on. His family lived in Atlanta but are now moving to Asheville, NC, because his wife wants to start an art business - she'll be teaching people how to play with fire and make ceramic pottery. This is their son: I also met a sweet couple who are locals that live down the street - normally, we stay away from the locals because they can be kind of sketchy - but this was different. Their names are Elizabeth and Todd. They have a little girl, Alex - 3 years old, who will talk your ears off! Todd is a volunteer fire fighter and has his first medical response. Alex told me that she's gone on many rides in the fire truck with her daddy! Everyone on the island is very hospitable. Elizabeth told me I could stop by anytime!

Finally, I met this guy:

His name is Carlo. He's from Talahassee. He loves skimboarding. He and his friend were just chilling on the beach so I asked if I could take some shots - this was the best one. It looks pretty hardcore... but it's only St. George - where the waves are about up to your knees... when you're in knee-deep. I didn't get much of his life story but he did a great job skimboarding so I could get some great shots!

More posts and life stories coming up!!

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