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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday Cake Ice Cream & Sunset Cruises

This past week held many crazy and unforgettable moments for me. My brother went out of town for a wedding, and being the goofy girl I am, I needed someone to stay with me. My mom came down with a wonderful surprise: my great Aunt Shirley & Uncle Robert along with my 2 cousins, Crosby & Karis. It was such a pleasure to see my aunt and uncle - they are always filled with joy and laughter! I hadn't seen Crosby and Karis in years. They have not only grown up, but also matured in such strong ways. Crosby is the captain and chaplain for his football team - he proves to be an incredible man of the Lord without the title of chaplain. Karis and I spent a lot of time together. From building starfish in the sand and body surfing the waves to playing the Game of Life to her silly moments like calling a manatee "a tiki-man", we definitely bonded! Crosby and I spent a lot of time together as well - he took care of me while Chase was gone. He killed a roach for me. As a family, we devoured some birthday cake ice cream.

More than anything, the most special time I had was when I got to hang out with my mom. She wasn't feeling well most of the time, but just being around her brings light to my world. I can never thank her enough for all she does for me - she tried everything she could to get down here, no matter how soon it was for her treatment. Dad couldn't make it because of work but we called him at our favorite restaurant so it was kind of like he was there. Besides that, it was just a special weekend.After my family left Saturday morning, Beth and Dave asked me if I wanted to go on a sunset cruise (Dave is a captain at Journeys). They took good care of me too while Chase was gone. We went to Little St. George and found neat shells and driftwood. Little St. George is completely desserted and one can only get to it by boat. It is a beautiful place a holds many treasures from special seashells to beat-up boats that drifted to the island during hurricanes. Below is Beth and Dave's dog, Honey. She ran around the boat like crazy searching for dolphins but we never found any. As the sun was setting, Captain Dave drove us out in the middle of the ocean, and we floated as the Lord brushed His hand across the sky, creating an array of breathtaking colors for us. We drove back to the dock and Beth fixed a wonderful couscous salad dinner for us. She spent the night in Chase's room so I wouldn't be in the house by myself... she and Dave have truly gone out of their way to make Chase and me feel comfortable on the island. I could never thank them enough for their hospitality toward us.

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AuntE said...

Thank you darling for the wonderful post and pictures! I am so proud of you! What an awesome role model you were to Crosby and Karis this week!
Love, MOM