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Saturday, June 28, 2008

So Many Things to Do!!


Once again, sorry I haven't been writing more consistently. I've been so busy! Work has been great - I have met some really great people with interesting stories! Here are pictures of Nick (the Russian) and me at Wakulla with the gators. You can't see it in the picture of me very well but I promise it's there!!

*This is an osprey

When I haven't been working, I've been reading. I bought these two great books from Barnes & Noble Monday:

Kristin Billberbeck is my favorite author - this one is about a woman whose husband (a producer) left her for the main actress in his movie. Her lawyer suggests that she goes to church and joins the group "The Trophy Wives Club". All of the ladies have been divorced and had once believed that men could make them feel complete... at times, it's a pretty cheesy book but Billerbeck always has a way of letting the main character take it down a notch.

This study of David is also wonderful! If you are a wife or mother, I would definitely recommend it! Beth Moore discusses the family of David, starting with Hannah and then Samuel. It's really encouraged me to steadfastly pray for my future husband and my children. More than anything, I simply love reading about the adventures of the Old Testament... I think a lot of times we forget to.

I've also been doing a lot of bike riding! Here are some pictures Chase took last Sunday:

My thoughts on life? Well, lately I've
been really sad for the families around here. I saw a lady at the Dollar General with her grandson and she was complaining about how all that she was buying was stuff for him and she was ready for him to go home to his daddy. That makes my heart cry. Reading the story of Hannah... knowing how much she wanted a child but couldn't bear makes me bitter towards those who treat their own children like they're a burden. Children are precious gifts and that's how we should handle them and speak to them. We should treat them with the same love Christ gives us. Grace, mercy and compassion.

Finally, here's the artwork I've been
playing with:


AuntE said...

Whit, I am so proud to call you my daughter! God blessed us with such a wonderful child! I am so glad that we knew you were HIS child and we were only given the opportunity to raise you and Chase! It is a blessing to me everyday to see what HE is doing in the daily life and walk of you and your brother! You know that it is only through faith that I am able to get through the days knowing that the two of you are with the gators every day! LOL
Love you so much

jamie in rose cottage said...

Your art looks great! And you are SO right about children being a blessing!!!
I've done part of that Beth Moore study; I need to pick it up again to finish it. I love how she ties Old Testament and New Testament together!