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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

The internet is still down but we’re working on it! :o)

Disclaimer: Ok - for the last blog, it might not have seemed like I am having the time of my life down here... but I am! :o) I just meant that there are not very many girls that would love to have this job because it can be painful at time - from sunburns to working your muscles hard - but I love that stuff! I love challenges - especially physically - so this is my dream job! Don't worry friends and family - I couldn't live here for too long because the beach is supposed to be a place for my vacation... not life-long career! haha

Most recent news: Chase and I are quickly seeing our purpose in being here this summer. Last night (Saturday), our pastor on the island invited us over for a grill-out with his family. His name is Themo. His wife’s name is April… and they have four boys ranging from ages of about 8 years old to 15. The burgers were great and the company was even better! There is an amazing opportunity for me to hang out with some high school girls and to truly pour myself and Jesus’ love into them. I can’t wait to ‘chillax’ with them! Chase volunteered to play his guitar at the services tomorrow (they have one on the island and one at Apalachicola – about 20 minutes away from one another). Their house is in Apalach and they live about 10 steps from the church so we walked over there after dinner. Chase pulled out his guitar and started playing a song he had written – “Somebody Different”. April stood up and started singing with him and passed me a microphone. Before we realized it, we had been standing up there for 3 hours just singing and praising to different songs. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever been a part of. To say the least, Chase, April and I will be doing a couple of songs together during the services throughout the summer. The Lord was so alive in those three hours. His presence was breathtaking. The coolest thing was when April pulled out a song called “For My Ashes” sung by Enter the Worship Circle. I had never heard it but Chase started playing and we all just started jamming out. The words are amazing: For my ashes, you give me beauty; for my mourning, you give me joy; for my tears Lord, you give me kisses. Oh, yea, that’s how good you are. The scripture behind it is from Isaiah 61 – which has become my favorite chapter in the Old Testament. It was perfect!

In other news – I am officially a kayak guide! I went on my first solo trip Thursday to Wakulla (an hour & a half drive from the island) with a group of six people - one older couple from Birmingham and another couple that had two teenage boys. It was very successful! We saw one manatee, four gators, two river otters, many gar and sheephead fish, and tons of beautiful flowers and birds. We had a blast together! If you have never been to Wakulla, let me try to set the scene for you. It is a very epic atmosphere – Spanish moss hanging from massive cypress trees, the clearest water that you see for at least 15 feet down to the bottom – exotic in every sense of the word for America. As we kayaked, the Lord spoke to me: “This is yours to enjoy. I have created these birds and set every tree in place for you to be mesmerized by – do you love it?” Our Creator desires for us to enjoy the creation He has made! All I could think about is how unworthy I am. We are so undeserving of all the beauty He has to offer but He keeps giving because He loves us… He wants to please us… He desires to show us His goodness and beauty through His creation. He has made us worthy to enjoy it though! He has redeemed us! He has cleansed us and made us good as He is good! Here is my challenge to you: Seek Him out! When you walk outside or drive your car, please look around and see His goodness – whether it’s in a man giving to the poor or in simply seeing His beauty in the trees – seek out His goodness because He seeks to display it mightily to you!

PS: A HUGE Happy Father's Day goes out to all of the wonderful men in my life - from Papas to uncles to cousins that are expecting a child in a few months! Most of all to my dad - I love you and I am so thankful that you have been such a big part of my life! I pray that the man I marry will be as kind-hearted, generous and loving as you! That he will have tea parties with our daughter (if we have one) and climbs trees with our son (if we have one) - and even act as a student for them in their "schoolroom". Thanks for being a student for me even though you already know everything... you are my Yoda and Papa Bear! Love you bunches - wish I could be with you today!

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