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Monday, December 28, 2009

List to do

Hello Lovely World of Bloggers!

I hope your Christmas season has been as great as my family’s! This was the last year that Chase (my bro) and I were at home with mom and dad without our significant others. Next Christmas, we will both be figuring out which family to visit at what time seeing as we will both be getting married in the year 2010. It’s been quite an exciting year for the Adams family! But it’s been a beautiful one.

JD and I only have a few more big steps to go in preparing for our wedding. My mom and my matron of honor / cousin have been such a big help! I think wedding planning has been a breeze because of them! I’d be lost without their suggestions and guidance – that’s for sure! Next thing on the list for this week: Registry, cake testing (mmm!!), and flower arrangements.

--> Tip for future brides: MACY’S has a wonderful rewards program so definitely try to get hooked up with them! We’re also registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond because we’ve heard they were extremely professional and helpful in the area of customer service for bridal registries.

During the break, I've been pretty busy learning how to cook!! The movie Julia & Julie truly inspired me! Did it inspire anyone else? Mom has taught me how to make 2 types of roast, crepes, dessert, and stuffed french toast. Dad taught me how to make cornbread! :) Cornbread and buttermilk is a special treat for us around here! With all of this cooking and preparing for what marriage will probably look like, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what it is to be "domestic". Is it a positive or negative phrase when people call you that? You'll find out my thoughts about it on the next blog! :)

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