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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a tribute to the blogging ladies of yellowbarnart:

Today I won my first blogging contest!
The beautiful ladies at Yellow Barn Art ( put it on. Because I didn't have a video that showed just how excited I was about winning this incredible package of art supplies, I decided to show you one of equal equivalence:

Please stop by their site and encourage them; read their story of their goals; and show them some love... even if I hadn't won this contest, they would still be super awesome in my book!
Thanks again girls!!


The Charm House said...

Check my blog~ There is an award for you!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Oh my goodness Whitney I officially looooove you!!! You are so awesome and I couldn't be more excited that you were the winner of our give-a-way!!! You have to come over to my personal blog too and become and follower and check it out!!! I love you and I am totally becoming a follower of your blog now!!!
Thanks for making my day with this post :)

RR Mama said...

Oh my gosh!! So cute! I need you come and draw on my walls in the entry way and the kitchen! I love your style!!!