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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Transition for me this time.

Today my manager /great friend, Sarah, from the coffeeshop rode with me to the grocery store. She taught me how to create a well-balanced meal with ALL fresh veggies and meat (exception occurs during the dessert portion). We made mandarin ginger breaded & baked chicken, sauteed zucchini & poblano peppers, garlic mashed potatoes, and lovely three-layered brownies separated with sweetened condensed milk and topped with fresh fanned strawberries. In order to develop a well-balanced meal, you should have a protein, a fibrous green veggie, and a carb. Desserts are a must - in order to maintain a healthy sanity. 

In the midst of cooking, she told me that I had the entire summer off at the coffeeshop because I'm the only employee who doesn't live off their paychecks & of course, because we had to cut hours. She offered me some of her hours because, as I hope you can tell, I don't work at a coffeeshop to make money but rather because it's what I love to do. It looks like I won't be working there again though. She also told me that the owner has been buying supplies to change the coffeeshop into a... hot dog stand. There's nothing wrong with working at a hot dog stand... BUT I love working with coffee, not hot dogs. The hot dog stand transition is estimated to start in July so that things will be swinging by August (football season). 

It's easy to be frantic about such a transition, but the Lord works in ways I could never imagine. Yesterday, it finally hit me that I have no clue what I'm going to do when I graduate - I don't even know for certain where I'd like to do my internship. Really though? What else could I do but go to the Lord? I certainly didn't want to make a decision for my life like that on my own. I spent time in prayer over it - and what does He do? He changes the place I work into a hot dog stand. I'm intensely excited about this transition and seeing what the Lord holds in the future. I will be pursuing my career options and be responsible about it, but I also know that our Savior is so faithful in opening the doors in our lives to make it happen. What an awesome adventure He's about to take me on - I'll be sharing it all with you in detail! 


Also, my roommate / one of my closest friend, Courtney, went to visit her family in Portland this past week. There was a lot involved in the flight situation on her way back to Atlanta and Birmingham... but the point of this is that the airport lost her luggage. Over $2,000 worth of her stuff - including an expensive camera her dad asked her to give to her boyfriend for him AND the first few paintings she's ever done in her life - was in that bag. We've all been praying in complete confidence that the Lord will somehow put it on our front doorsteps, so right now I'm asking that you'll join with me in this prayer. A blogspot of full-throttle prayer warriors can have a big impact. She sent in her claim today stating all of her possessions and their costs - and has been on the phone with Delta since Friday. She knows there's nothing more she can do and has fully put it in the Lord's hands. Please shout a prayer out for her today. She'd really appreciate it, for sure. 

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