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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update Numero Dos

Good morning my lovely friends of the blogging world! 
It's a beautiful, yet muggy and cloudy day on the plains of Alabama this morning. I'm currently working, or rather just waiting for customers to serve super early in the morning. The city is dead in between the Spring and Summer semesters - which I suppose is expected. However, this gave me the perfect opportunity to write this blog - the one I have been highly and intensely anticipating on sharing with you. 

There have been some very *magical* moments this semester for me. Although I couldn't completely capture or ever partially convey just how incredible these moments were for me, I at least attempted to do so. Here we go:

I went to see one my top three favorite bands in concert: Copeland. As soon as I went, I found that it actually got moved down a little to top five while an opening band took its spot. Brooke Waggoner, Paper Route and Providence opened for Copeland - Paper Route quickly moved up to my top 3 favorite. They just put out a new record. Check it out. This is a compilation of small videos I created from the concert. It's almost like you're there.

copeland concert from Whitney Adams on Vimeo.

Most importantly, my awesome brother proposed to his... suspense is killing you, huh? So here's the video of that: 

For Real, For the Bro from Whitney Adams on Vimeo.

More to come soon! 


Steve said...

Glad to see your back in the blog world. Have you heard Brooke's song "Young Friend?" They had it as a free download on iTunes a while back, pretty good stuff.

Whitney said...

Thanks, Steve! It's good to finally have time to concentrate on something other than school. I have heard the song. I think she's MUCH better in concert but I still bought that album. My favorite songs are "Heal for the Honey" and "Come Love, See My Hands". Hope life is good for you!